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One-of-a-Kind Support for Small Businesses

Business, Marketing, Website, and Technology Help. All in One Place!

Business and Marketing

Websites and Technology

Our Relaxed, Pressure-Free Meetings Will Focus On Helping You...

Get More Customers!

We'll work on a plan to attract and keep more customers. With a website, some time, and a little bit of creativity, you can quickly create legitimate interest in your business.

Save Time and Effort!

We’ll look at ways to make technology work for you, including creating spreadsheets or applications that will make things a lot easier while saving you a lot of time and energy.

Make More Money!

We’ll work on finding creative ways to increase revenue, setting prices that work, cutting unnecessary costs, and generating additional ideas to help your business.

Feel Less Overwhelmed!

Running a small business can feel overwhelming. You’ll get your questions answered and you’ll get support that focuses on what matters most, like helping your business succeed.

San Diego Business Help is Perfect For...

Ultra-Small Businesses
(5 or Less Workers)

San Diego Business Help was created with the smallest businesses in mind. Many business owners are experts in their fields, but they haven't yet mastered the more general areas of business that are so vital to success. By getting help with business, technology, marketing, and websites, small businesses can quickly turn weaknesses into strengths and begin to thrive.

Small Businesses that
Want More Customers

We'll take a comprehensive look at your business and come up with a concrete plan for attracting more customers. We'll work on your pricing, your message, getting your message to potential customers, generating interest in your business, making it easy for potential customers to do business with you, tweaking your products and services (if necessary), and more.

Anyone Who Just Started or
Wants to Start a Business

You'll get answers to your questions about how to get started, how to develop a simple and useful business plan, developing a plan to attract and keep customers, what steps you should be taking to help your business succeed, and what to look out for. You'll get advice and recommendations, with an emphasis on helping you develop your ideas.

Any Business That Doesn’t
Have a Nice, Clean Website

Every business that wants more customers or wants happier customers should have a clean, organized website. You can get all of your questions answered, get honest advice, and quickly have a website up and running. Websites don’t have to be overly expensive, complicated, or time-consuming. For many businesses, getting just one or two new loyal customers will easily pay for the website.

Businesses With Websites
That Don’t Seem to Attract Anyone

We'll develop a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan, which helps people easily find your business on search engines like Google. You'll get much improved rankings when people search for your type of business or for products and services that you offer, which means more people will see your business and visit your site. We'll also look at other ways to generate interest in your site and make your website the hub of your marketing activities.

Small Businesses that Want to
Use Technology to Their Advantage

Businesses can use computers and technology to make more money, save money, make things easier, save time, improve reliability, stay organized, and more. You can get support, recommendations, and custom-built applications designed to help your business succeed. You'll always get honest, straightforward, and courteous help with as many (or as few!) details as you'd like.

Easy and Convenient

Simple Pricing:
Everything is Included!

It’s that easy! You’ll never have to choose what area to get help in since everything is included. The only exception is for new and redesigned websites, which are very affordable. The goal is to help your business in whatever way possible, not to charge extra for different types of help.

Easy Meetings That
Work For You

Meeting times are flexible and can include mornings, late evenings, and even weekends! They are generally scheduled between 10AM and 9PM on weekdays, but if you have a special request you can just ask. Meetings can occur at your place of business, somewhere comfortable, or somewhere inspiring!

Convenient Help That
Saves You Time and Money!

Hiring a business consultant, web developer, IT firm, and marketing agency can be costly in terms of time and money. By getting help in different areas at once, you avoid the hassle, save time and money, and, best of all, you’ll operate with one clear vision.

You'll Get Unparalleled Business Support That Is...


You'll get specific ideas, recommendations, and a plan to get more customers and increase business.


You’ll work with an expert whose background in Business, Technology, and Websites is extensive (MBA included).


You’ll know during the first meeting that you’re working with someone you can always trust and rely on.


Our relaxed, friendly, and pressure-free meetings are designed to help you. You’ll never feel intimidated.


Creative ideas, imaginative solutions, and collaborative idea generation are all a part of the support you’ll receive.

Always On Your Side

You’ll always have someone looking out for your best interests, offering alternative possibilities and honest advice.


This business is built on a love for small business, a never ending quest to learn, and a desire to help others succeed.


Since Business, Technology, Marketing, and Websites are all related, you’ll have a cohesive plan with a clear vision.


Meeting times and places are very flexible. And easy pricing ensures you get the support you need with no extra fees.

If you have questions or if would like to work together, please get in touch!