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Honest, Friendly, and Valuable Help for You and Your Business

San Diego Business Help was created to provide one-of-a-kind support to small business owners and employees. Our relaxed, no-pressure meetings will focus on resolving questions and problems, generating ideas, and helping you and your business succeed. You’ll get knowledgeable, creative, and unique help designed to make you more money, reduce your risks, and make running the business less overwhelming

Business, Technology, and Marketing Support

At the heart of San Diego Business Help is a simple idea. By combining a deep understanding of business, an expert knowledge in information technology, and an imaginative and authentic marketing philosophy, it is possible to provide powerful and convenient help that can significantly benefit other San Diego small businesses. This combination can help a small business thrive and can quickly turn weaknesses into strengths.

Areas of support include:

Focusing on what's most important:

Making More Money

We can focus on idea generation, getting more customers, pricing, websites, looking at additional ways to generate revenue, cutting unnecessary costs, and more.

Reducing Your Risks

We can work on protecting your confidential business information (especially customer information!), avoiding scams, protecting your personal assets, and more.

Saving Time and Energy

We can look at ways to make technology work for you, including creating spreadsheets and databases to help you organize and work with your business data.

Answering Your Questions

You can get answers to your general business related questions (like what makes a contract valid) and get answers to your technology and website related questions.